What's your favorite verse from Smoke Session 2?


Which verse did u like the best??


I don’t have to dance I’m a two left footed Jew lol, there are so many good verses!!!


That line in the song about made me hit the floor! It was awesome


I like the first verse. Smoke up smoke up little bitch lol


I agree with the Dabqueen. That HUMBLE parody was pretty on point


Nice… I felt like the be humboldt was a little too whiny and is the least fun to listen to for me… But it’s growing on me again. That mix was so fun! I"m stoked. Thanks guys for giving a fuck!!


Smoking bud smoking bud smoking bud😋


Ill take the poop you can keep the chocolate​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Fans show me support and I try to take the time and show it back!! That verse was :100: because it’s true!!! I might not have the words exactly correct, I am just extremely stoned lol lol but you know what verse I’m talking about lol :100::100::100::100::100:mad Respect!! Real Hippie Life!!!:100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100:


Its not so much whiny as is nerdy voice. Its dope. I actully have been trying to figure out how to putthe be humbolt line on a shirt. I got mad ideas


Anytime friend…


give me the blast when im smokin on gorilla. Glue…


You better zip up your lips because you ain’t got nothing on J!!!