Soil which is the best to start with


I am new at the growing game


What are u trying to do ?? Indoor I’d assume?? Where do u live ?? What r your options ??


If your going indoor I recommend rockwell cubes, but you gotta make sure that they are constantly watered, because rockwell doesn’t really hold moisture, so in that respect you have to constantly give some kind of fertilizer too. Plant’s need nutrients just like people need food.
Now if your growing out doors it’s a whole different thing. Are you growing in the ground? Are you growing in pots or buckets, and what kind of climate do you live in?


Please stay organic :slight_smile:


do you have any tips for a newish grower :v:


Underrated I agree completely. I get pissed when these dude’s sell me a sack, and I can taste the chemicals in it. That’s why I prefer out door growing myself. I don’t fertilize or nothing, just water and sunshine⛆🌞


How new are you? Can you tell the difference between a male and a female, cuz to me that is step numero uno


Yes my dirt was delivered yesterday oh yeah :tractor::articulated_lorry::sunny:️:evergreen_tree::heart_eyes:


Fun! What are u gonna feed em? :hamburger::pizza::stew::burrito::+1::nerd_face::ok_hand::man_farmer:


I do not know how to tell


I want to be natural.


The organics will say it on them… It costs a little more but very much worth it !!:herb::herb::herb::seedling::seedling:


Organic food definitely!:yum:


Personally (I’m really old school) I use alot of worm castings, and natural ashes from burnt wood will give you sooo many otganic nutrients and minerals, that literally any plant will grow in. I keep a worm bed (It’s just an old broken deep freezer), and a compost pile. I also grow my own vegetables and fruits with this same soil so it’s literally good enough to eat, but there is always many variables. What kind of climate do you live in? Is it dry, or humid, rainy, snowy, etcetera etcetera


@MastaFloda :100::100::100:Awesome farming style dude !!


Appreciate it. I’ve had year’s of practice plus my old man taught me alot