Rap Battles anyone? Uh oh :)


@MastaFloda won the first round pretty easily but @Chunkywhite came with it on that last one… Sounds like @MastaFloda has another round to go to decide the winner!!! ahhhhhh shit


Alright I don’t do this so don’t get at me to hard​:joy::joy:

I’m jumpin in this freestyle from the peanut section in the back, ready to knock it out the park like I was judges bat. I don’t hate much so you can miss me that, and i won’t ask josh who won how bout that. So hit me back, because i know you will, but just remember this my rymes are as sharp as porcupine quills. So get ready with some gloves if you picking this up, because i told you stoners im flicking sharp shit from my butt…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Salazar you already came in a little too late, cuz I’ve already pulled chunky whites heart out through his chest plate, he was making fun of my hair saying it looked girly, then wanted to call The fight a little too early, but no chunky white I’m not done with you yet, I must remind you once again that your fucking with the best, I’ll have you begging on your knees praying for mercy, I let you battle me even again even though your not worthy, claiming the dirty south because that’s where I reside, while we be looking bad because of fool’s like chunky white, he doesn’t even know that he already died, and was only moments away from kissing the sky, but I refuse to let him die I resurrected him, just so I could let loose on him again and keep chin checking him, we can battle eternally but I’ll never let him win, I’m immortal in this kombat so! FINISH HIM!!!:astonished::mega::sunglasses:


Now we wait for Josh lol lol


Thats no problem im not much for battling, just smoking weed kickin lyrics and forum chattering. I’m from the mid west out in the sticks, theres even some fucking mountains where some faces exsist. I’m not here to be mean thats just not who i am, just a white boy looking for some cash and a gram. But if you’d like to take shots go ahead and be mean, but my clothes will start to rip and my eyes turn green. But being a fucking beast istnt what im about, but i will knock you over with smoke from my mouth. So we can sit and wait for josh to show, you know he enters the room when you here RUUFEEE OOOOOOOooo…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


If you wanna just freestyle, maybe we should start a different thread for that. I’m More of a freestyle rapper than a battle rapper anyways, but ol Chunky White likes to test me!:angry:

Haha, I’m just talking shit. It’s all in good fun. Anybody who gets their feelings hurt over battle rapping, shouldn’t be doing it😉


Man where Josh at!!! We need a winner!!!


Man we going to have to get Breezy to judge :man_facepalming: lol


Breezy calls the winner and still champion @MastaFloda!!! :trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy:


Congratulations David!!! :100::100::100::100::100::100:


Tell Breezy I said thanks. Talent knows talent man


Ok this is the next round I will begin!!!


Chunky is back to bring another lyrical attack!! David you are like a bird with a broken wing wearing a sling, look at this dude he can’t even sing!! My Mack game is tight, ask TJ she knows!! I’m rolled tight like my blunts you smell like a dirty cunt, like a little rabbit the runt!! David don’t even try, it’s ok to cry. You living a lie, acting like you want to die!! I just want to get high, wait I am high lol. Dude your mom should have swolowed you or your dad should have let you run down to his shoe all sticky like glue!! Hurry here take a tissue because dude I just dissed you!! Maybe one day a girl will kiss you, until then you better keep to jacking off becouse you can’t rap you just way to soft!!!


Ok I’m back y’all sorry for the wait, but I’m sure it gave chunky plenty of time to masturbate, You can call me a rabbit cuz I live in the briars, destroying wackness is my habit so I’ll keep spitting fire, I’m on a mission non stop to eliminate hate, but you keep coming at me so you better get in shape, I’ll kick your grapes till you sing like a canary, I meditate shadow walkers so you know I’m damn scary, I’m on another level a higher ascension, I’m in my living room while mentally flipping burgers in my kitchen, but enough about me big ol chunky white, you keep coming at me like you think you can fight, but little do you know I’m just getting started, my lyrics sound like explosions while yours just sound like you farted, I’m a starving artist who never has to eat, cold and heartless I’ll steal your shoes of your feet, because I’ve been through the hardships the hard time’s, I hope your ready for plenty more HTR punchlines, now it’s grind time so call me Chad Muska, I’m laying down my pipeline all up in a slut about to busta, nut or two whatever I got to do, I’m getting off track because I’m my important than you (lol), so why don’t you take my advice already, go home and read a book or pick up the dictionary! Damn, haha​:smiley::sunglasses:🕪:smirk:


Ok Time for UnderRated to Judge!!!


Josh AKA UnderRated we are waiting for the winner of this match!!! I think David gave Breezy a treat for picking him last time!!! Lol lol lol


When shit settles down for me your all fucked when i get on, im even calling out @UnderRated :wink:


UnderRated or Breezy where y’all at!! We need a judge!!!


UnderRated did not judge the battle because he got high lol lol lol​:100::100::100::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


@Chunkywhite @MastaFloda @UnderRated

I think its time for another rap battle, last winner can pick the day!