Rap Battles anyone? Uh oh :)


I know the reigning champ Chunky White is around here somewhere???

Start it off dude…


Dude I can’t rap but my flows might put both of us one the map, I’m not full of crap!! I live the dirty south hippie life, just a glass pipe and a few grams of dro and I’m ready to go, you say you are coming out with a 5 minuet miracle lol that’s funny because I have a 20 minuet miracle on porn hub, it’s in HD lol my raps are kind of lame, but I don’t give a damn Chunkywhite is hungry I’m about to eat some ham, me and Breezy you best believe me, now take it easy, Chunkywhite just put you in your place, have your eyes all burning like some mace, dude I’m not trying to catch a case, I finished you like 3 paragraphs ago, I’m out I need to find a top notch ho!!!


Here we go me and Chunky white again, dude never gives up even though I always win, but we’re on the forum now so you can’t impress your girlfriend(Tera Jo),but at least you won’t look dumb in front of your Facebook friends, I’m always in it to win I never take an L, I wanna give your lyrics a bath because they starting to smell, in other words they stink but it’s all good, I live my life on the brink white boy in the hood, but you best be careful on these stone’s your stepping, HTR crew I’m reppin, I never need a weapon, I’ll lyrically beat you black and blue until you’ve learned your lesson, so quit messing around dude shits about to get real, aren’t you that dude in deliverance? So Squeeeeel!!!

Haha, just something random off the top


Yea we at it again, but dude you can’t afford to take a L hell can you afford a L, dude just buy the pack, it doesn’t cost a rack, I am a big Mack with a fat sack of green but I’m not a money making machine, I don’t drink lean but dude I can be mean!! I can’t slow down just look at this clown trying to go round to round with a guy named chunky dude you are straight up funky, not even on my level, your rhymes are just wack like some crack, dude I put all the ladies on theirs backs!! They can’t help but give it up after hearing my flows, they all down to blow even my girl… can’t do that nane drop lol she would bite me in half like a lollipop you would probably need a mop to clean up the mess help this dude is in destress Boy you just failed the test, tell your girl she is next!!!


Say you the big mack don’t make me laugh, you look like you ate too many big macs like a dozen and a half, you only think your mean but your soft like a kitten, my lyrics are so cold your liable to get frostbitten, you say your getting lot’s of woman but no proof to show me, the only time you get a woman is if you give her a roofie and pull a Bill Cosby, we all know you’ve been wacking your little nub, you said it yourself you’ve been watching porn hub, so enough with the lies dude tell the truth, I’ll uppercut you so hard you will fly through the roof, hit you so hard you’ll fly sky high, and then I’ll find you a mattress to fall on because I’m a nice guy, haha


You are so right I am super high, with only one eye open, your rhymes leave me hoping you are just practicing like you are about to take your first swing!! Dude this ain’t little league!! You can’t step to me and You know it, all your raps show it, damn dude you can’t even grow a beard, all looking weird like chia pet, soft and moist like some moss dude please for the love of god use some dental floss!!!


Who just won???


I don’t know. I guess we need a referee, haha


Josh call the winner!!!


K lemme read these pimps’ raps


I gotta go with @MastaFloda in this battle!! Had a few more power punches than young @Chunkywhite!! Good battle though!! We need more people getting it on in here haha!! Yeeeee :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::ok_hand::ok_hand::v:️:100::100:


Yea David has them bars lol, but I will try to get him soon!! Yea people let’s get this forum blazing!!


Awesome! Thank you! Now I’m the champ of the forum, but before somebody wants to take my title I will give ol Chunky White a rematch😎


Lol ok round 2 let’s begin!!! Dude David and Josh I came to win. This is chunky y’all should know by the grin on my freaking chin, just the way I spin my flows makes y’all look like some average Joes!!! My raps move mountains and create earthquakes, damn guys I like seeing yalls girls ass shake!!! I could really use a milkshake. Are they real or fake?? I’m on the UnderRated team, make all the girls scream!! But down south we do sip that purple lean!! If you think you won this round your stuck in a dream!! Y’all boys better go to Dairy Queen and find y’all a drag queen lol lol damn I’m mean!! Real dirty south hippie life!!!:100::100::100:


You claim the South but you sound like a yankee, that shit coming from your mouth so whipe your ass with a hanky, I’m the real crazy white boy reppin the South, started spitting venom after giving a rattlesnake mouth to mouth, your lucky I even let a round 2 exist, but I like to play with my food like nemesis, y’all don’t even know I’m just getting started, lyrics so intelligent make you all feel retarded, Chunky Whites getting roasted it’s really a shame, little does he know I created this game, he acts important like he has clout, he blows smoke rings but I blow mushroom clouds, I’m creepy and spooky wicked shit in my head, chillin at the graveyard because I can resurrect the dead, I might give you the old guillotine chop, you think your heads in the clouds but it’s on the chopping block, so any last word’s before you get beheaded? Call me the meatgrinder because you just got shredded!:angry::mega:


Holy shit lol lol lol. I will give you the win because I don’t have time at the moment but I’m going to comeback at you I promise that!!!


I am short and fat but I will squash you like a knat, your crew so soft they probably carry baseball bats, your rhymes are straight from the gutter, did I stutter?? Dude need some milk here is a utter!! So soft spread you like butter on bread, toast you and roast you, and I will boast about how I came with the comeback, you flat like a flat tire, you need some air maybe one day you will grow a pair!! Dude just look at your hair, 1980,s hair band probably singing living on a prayer!! Because that’s all you got, dude go look for your other sock!! You just don’t know real hip hop!!!


Josh call the winner!!!


Hey that last one was actually pretty good. The living on a prayer line was funny. I was going to comeback but you told him to call it


Hell yea Thx!! I’m waiting on UnderRated to call it to lol lol lol