Munchies! Let’s talk about food! Not only because I’m high I just like food lol😎😎


What is everyone’s favorite food to munch on after getting stoned!!!


What is your favorite food when u have the munchies?


Dude tbh my problem is I do not snack when I get lit lol, I eat whole meals lol lol, lately it’s been this food truck down the street, it’s a Spanish food truck but I get the double cheeseburger and fries and the chicken quesadilla!!! But I’m a big ice cream eater to, if I could eat ice cream cake ever day I would!! I’m about to eat my second double cheeseburger combo right now lol lol, dude When I Smoke which is many times a day I have to have a ice cold sprite!! I litterly drink 8 to 10 sprites a day!! Lol lol lol I’m about to gorge out then play my game bump some UnderRated and get blazed again!! I hope this will be the last time I eat tonight lol lol no promises lol lol Real Hippy life​:100::100::sunglasses::sunglasses: Chunky out lol lol