Favorite Weed Strain and Why?


There are so many strains these days it’s hard to keep up!! The tighter denser cookie type of strains are super hot always… OG is always a winner!! I love the different smells/terps of all the different strains like Zkittlez… Cannabis is so amazing!! Got some Blue Tangies going this year and can’t wait to see what they do!! If I had to pick one I’d go Lemon Larry OG… but there are so many pretty close… just depends on the day I guess… what u guys like and why ??


Afghani for sure, as close to indica land race as i can get preferably. Sativas put me in a weird head space.


Is tangie a norcal thing? i got a boy in mendo who makes it sound like its an epidemic, like sour D is in NY


It’s not an epidemic like sour but it’s one of the hottest 10 or so…


can’t lie ash Ketchum when I’m sparkin the flame I wanna smoke em all no discrimination when I’m with Mary Jane


There are lots of good ones… working on one now with csi_humboldt that is gonna make Humboldt proud again!! :seedling::fire::muscle:


Home blend Cindy 99 is our best flavor from last year!


I’ve smoked and heard great things from growers about Cindy 99… what did u like most about growing it ?? :man_farmer::nerd_face::fire:


The original white widow from 98… Still my all time fave. Grows thick and dense!


I think so far my favorite was probably Afghan Kush, that shit kicked my ass, but me and my old man grew alot of a strand called Lowrider, and we had a killer crop that year. My favorite strand to grow though would probably have to be AK47, simply because it was great indoors, and I decided to grow some clones outdoors in some buckets, and it came out excellent either way. You almost couldn’t tell them apart, but that was about 6 year’s ago, so I’m sure that strain is old news by now


@MastaFloda ak47 is an oldy but I feel ya it does seem to always do well… The hottest strains seem to be the densest ones… cookie crosses, og etc. lots of sweet smelling different color stuff is gonna take off i think. There are so many kinds its like there is something for everyone’s favorite these days. Its crazy! And awesome! Weed rules!


we still working and trimming on goo plant today oh yeah found just a few seeds that my bro jordak cross with we think fortex . Me so happy to garden today :sun_behind_small_cloud:️:sunrise_over_mountains:


my fave rn is pennywise and Moby dick


We got a depo going with sherbert can’t wait to see what she does.:sweat_smile::heart_eyes: haha