Favorite Teams?


I like teams that never win it all lol… I love the Bengals in football and the Blazers in basketball… blazers at least have the coolest name :seedling::fire::dash:


Olemiss everything!!! New York Giants and the soon to be champions GSW!!! Oh and the braves!!!


GSW bout to lose this series with the Pelicans now !! :fire::fire::cowboy_hat_face::basketball::basketball::basketball:


What’s the series at?? I don’t really watch nba much


Oh I see you were joking lol lol lmao


They whooped the pelicans tonight… 1 to 0 GSW


Lol lol lol


Stl blues


Oh shit hockey !!! I don’t anything about that except Brett hull ???


Chiefs and brewers and jazz


Those are different teams !! Chiefs and Jazz wow!! Why ?? I’m Bengals and blazers so I feel u lol


Im from south Dakota so no real home team always loved the chiefs and growing up i was a big Stockton to malone fan.


Stockton to Malone hell ya !!! I got a few Stockton jerseys… :basketball::basketball::fire::fire:


Well come on down to the sticks where we proudly smoke the best in the town filled with meth whores and top notch hunting it’s the way of the woods and we can hit a game or just blaze the good. It’s up to you I stand out in the crowd only 6 3 almost 300 lbs. See y’all soon might break for a good time.