UnderRated Chat

This section is to let fans interact with UnderRated himself, leave him some questions and he will try to respond to all his fans!

Rap Battles

Let the fun begin, instead of trying to Rap Battle on facebook take all the battles to here!

Fantasy Football

All fantasy football fanatics need to peep this section out. Ask the professionals for there opinion on who to have on your roster and which changes would be a good idea to make.

Upcoming Artsts

For all you up an coming artists, come chat with each other bounce ideas off each other and get your music heard!

Artists Demos

If you are trying to get your music out there this is the place to do it, you can embed your sound cloud players in here, post your MP3’s to let the community hear. You never know who might just give it a listen to

Recent News

Check this section out for the latest UnderRated news. You can also check out more UnderRated related things at.


Football is back!! You can now talk in the NFL channel in general as the all new ability to talk with your friends in your favorite teams own channel!

NCAA College Football

NCAA Football is back!! You can now talk in the NCAA channel in general.


BasketBall is back!! You can now talk in the NBA channel.